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Blueglass Melting

100% electric glass melting kiln for glass blowing


• Max Temperature: 1300°C

• Load capacity: 20 kg of glass

• Power: 8.4 KW / 220V 1 Ph or 400V 3 Ph

• External dimensions: 940 (W) x 980 (D) x 1,520 (h) mm

• Opening dimension: 200 x 200 mm

• Picking height: 1040 mm

• Total weight: 130 kg


• Easy to transport thanks to 2 side handles that separate the upper part from the lower part.

• Easy to move thanks to 4 swivel castors.

• Working capacity of 20 kg of glass in a crucible that can be easily changed to work glass of different colours.

• Fast temperature rise in 3 to 4 hours, depending on the glass to be processed.

• Reduced power consumption when the temperature is stabilised: around 1 to 2 KW through power modulation.

• Temperature controlled by two independent controllers for reliable, precise adjustment of the high and low settings.

• Front door can be easily operated using a parallelogram system.

• Removable, height-adjustable tool support.

• Insulation reinforced with high-temperature, microporous mineral fibre.

Technical characteristics

Product Reference

Blueglass Melting

Internal Dimensions

200 x 200 mm

External Dimensions

940 x 980 x 1520 mm

Max Temperature



8.4 KW / 220V 1 Ph


130 kg

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