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Hobby Junior

Multifunctional & versatile electric kiln for different firing processes: glass fusing/thermoforming, ceramics, Metal Clay / Art Clay®, Raku.


• Max Temperature: 1050°C

• Power: 1250 W / 230 V 1 Ph

16A domestic socket outlet

• Internal dimensions:  230x230x185mm

• External dimensions: 485x355x375 mm

Organic mineral fibre refractories

• Hinged lid with opening handle

• Weight: 10.9 kg

• Different types of firing possible depending on finishing options


The controller with 8 programs, 8 ramps and 8 steps lets you record your firing modes and create chained temperature rise and fall profiles. A process generally used for firing ceramics and fusing thermoformed glass. Dual display of actual temperature and setpoint. Several programs are pre-recorded and can be modified to customise your firing methods.

Kiln hatch

The kiln hatch is made of an organic mineral fibre refractory that can be used for all your raku, earthenware, and biscuit type firings...

The integrated firing tray

A loading plate is built into the hatch, which you can remove and replace as required. By removing the loading plate, you can use it for glass bead annealing or to save space overhead. With the loading plate, you can enjoy an extremely smooth surface that will also protect the hatch from any firing accidents.


The Blueline kiln range comes with a 2-year guarantee excluding the components in the " on the fire " unit.

Technical characteristics

Product Reference

Hobby Junior

Internal Dimensions

230 x 230 x 185 mm

External Dimensions

485 x 355 x 375 mm

Max Temperature



1250 W / 230 V 1 Ph


10.9 kg

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