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Hobby Medium Wax

Special lost wax electric kiln


• Max Temperature: 1050°C

• Power: 3200 W / 230 V 1 Ph

• 16A domestic socket outlet

• Internal dimensions:  300x300x300mm

• External dimensions: 605x470x520 mm

Organic mineral fibre refractories

• Hinged lid with opening handle

• Weight: 38 kg

TC2088e control system - 19 programs with 10 ramps and 10 steps + delayed start

• Stainless steel tray with grid installed on the hatch supplied

• Fresh air inlet via a ceramic tube (external diameter: 35 mm / internal diameter: 25 mm) at hatch level, on the front of the lid.

• Chimney outlet via a ceramic tube (external diameter: 20 mm / internal diameter: 12 mm) at the top of the kiln, on the back of the lid.


The controller with 8 programs, 8 ramps and 8 steps lets you record your firing modes and create chained temperature rise and fall profiles. Dual display of actual temperature and setpoint. Several programs are pre-recorded and can be modified to customise your firing methods.

Air inlet and outlet

Fresh air inlet (bottom left) via 20x12 mm ceramic tube - with tube projecting 10 mm from the outer frame.

Air outlet (top right-hand side) via 35x25 mm diameter ceramic tube - with tube projecting 20 mm from the outer frame.

Hatch with integrated firing plate

The kiln hatch is made of organic mineral fibre refractory. This plate is machined to accommodate the firing plate.


The Blueline kiln range comes with a 2-year guarantee excluding the components in the " on the fire " unit.

Technical characteristics

Product Reference

Hobby Medium Wax

Internal Dimensions

300 x 300 x 300 mm

External Dimensions

605 x 470 x 520 mm

Max Temperature



3200 W / 220 V 1 Ph


38 kg

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